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Water as a Life Source:

Water is one of the most important vital resources for the creation of ecosystems. The ecosystems creation is due to the relations and interactions between abiotic (water, soil, light, etc.) and living (organisms) environment.

Natural ecosystems vary and can be terrestrial, wetland and marine. In any case, water their "structural" element and hence its protection is of the utmost importance. It is noteworthy, however, that the groundwater, lakes, rivers, seas, oceans and wetlands are environmental elements that must be in good condition, quality and quantity, as they maintain the ecological balance on the planet and the balance of the local and global food chain. We should not forget that the wetlands contribute to the global climate and biodiversity conservation, considering that rainforest are in the second place with regard to biodiversity and productivity. They limit flood phenomena and protect the aquifer from the intrusion of brackish water or pollution.


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