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Water is the smallest and simplest molecule numbered in the basic food ingredients. It consists of three atoms: two hydrogen and one oxygen. Especially interesting property of water is that it has a polar character and has a positive and negative charged ends or poles. That capacity and polarity allows negatively charged oxygen molecule from one water to attract the positively charged hydrogen atoms of another water molecule. This mutual attraction of two molecules of water is accomplished by the so-called hydrogen bonding. For example, molecules in the ice and water in liquid form from one to four hydrogen bonds at any time.


However, hydrogen bonds are very weak and in every shift of water they are breaking up, but also comes to the formation of new connections. The natural tendency of water molecules to form multiple interrelationships are reflected in the process of cooking. Water primarily serves as an excellent solvent. Hydrogen bonds are not created solely between the molecules of water. These relationships arise between water and proteins or carbs- important only exist polar ends. The charged ends attract water molecules which entwine and separate, which allows dilution of substances in water. It happens for example when you put sugar into water or boil soup and so dissolve proteins in water.

The main division of the waters of: spring, mineral, flavoured (these waters are sometimes classified as non-alcoholic beverages).

Mineral water springs from underground bearings that are protected from any contamination. It features a naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes and physiological influences on the human organism. Because of the mineral content this type of water is recommended for athletes and physically active people in periods characterized with increased sweating.

Spring water comes from underground springs or bearings and contains a smaller amount of minerals from mineral water. This water is recommended for daily consumption in all age categories. Because sweet taste and adding specific chemical composition of spring water in some delicate sauces sometimes is a key factor to balance the flavour.

Bottled water is mechanically and chemically purified water which is obtained from ground and surface water reservoirs. Compared with mineral and spring water, this water is less appreciated because its composition is altered by chemical intervention, while mineral and spring waters are natural and unaffected.

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